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Break The Record Fortnite

No Fortnite Battle Royale record is as interesting as an elimination record. An Australian Fortnite squad has set a new world record for the number of kills in a single Fortnite game, resting at a whopping 61. The squad, made up of players Fortitude_Fqrbes, Nexjs, tactjc- and TTV_NadeXC, managed to claim 25, 18, 10 and eight kills respectively.
A player may not disclose to any third party any confidential information provided by the Event Administrators, Epic, or its affiliates concerning Fortnite, the Event, Epic, or its affiliates, by any method of communication, including by posting on social media channels.

Note: Teams are free to switch players between their LCS and Academy League rosters as long as their roster for each game complies with the rules outlined in this article Therefore, more players are eligible to start than are listed on this page – we will only list those that do play.
Subject to Section 7.1.2, elimination credit is determined by (a) the action feed located at the bottom left corner of the gameplay screen, and (b) the UI illustrating total number of eliminations earned during a single match; provided, that, in no event shall elimination credit be awarded to a player for any portion of a match following such player’s elimination.

This format for the Fall Skirmish Week 1 trial has led to the Fortnite squad kill record being broken twice in a single day with the Rift Raiders team of FaZe Clan players Turner « Tfue » Tenney and Dennis « Cloak » Lepore, Luminosity Gaming player Kreo and competitive player ZexRow having been the latest to do so.
Fixed players accidentally sticking Remote Explosives onto themselves after applying a Consumable Bush. Resolved an issue with the UI showing health gains incorrectly if the player canceled the consumable close to completion time. With one Victory Royale and a third-place finish, Skite somehow finished in seventh place overall.

ZexRow of Team SoloMid is a veteran of competitive Fortnite. The solo competition provided similar results as the duo tournament for Fwexy. German player ApoKxwaii has provided a proof of his 42-elimination game in this mode and is now the owner of the record.
The Fortnite meta continues to evolve almost every week, as developer Epic Games pushes out update after update. Competing for team Solary, Kinstaar is a journeyman in competitive Fortnite. He performed well in his other three matches, wherein two of them, he achieved a Victory Royale and a second-place finish.
Kinstaar competed in all, but one week of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. Kinstaar is truly a player who loves to compete in high-level Fortnite tournaments. Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm, breaking both concurrent player and streaming viewership records – and even attracting world-renowned celebrities.

Before the game, Admins will inform everyone what the Lobby Code is, and after all players are in the lobby Admins will direct the game to start. Until now, the elimination goal per match has been set at 150 — the first team to reach that number of eliminations (against the other team) wins.

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